Rent out property

Renting out your property to expats 

Want to offer expats and foreign employees a place to stay? Renting out your property to expats has many benefits. Firstly, it results in a monthly source of income. Also, renting out means not leaving your house empty while being abroad for a longer period of time.

NL-Housing wants to make renting out your home accessible.No need to worry about administration and complicated legal obligations. We will make sure that you have everything in order.

Why rent out via NL-Housing? 

  • Monthly source of income
  • Leave your house in good care Tenants will care for your house
  • No worries about legal obligations

Renting out temporarily 

Planning to rent out temporarily? This often involves a lot of paperwork. Drawing up rental agreements, for instance, and terminating them on time. Or carrying responsibility for small and large-scale maintenance. With NL-Housing as your rental partner, the temporary rental of your home is in experienced hands.

A landlord in the Netherlands has certain rights and obligations. For example, you are obliged to carry out maintenance and major repairs. At the same time, you have the right to timely payment of the rent. Plus, your tenant may not cause nuisances. Have you been faced with nasty surprises in the past? Not with us. We ensure that you have your administrative and legal affairs in order.

Renting out your house in Groningen

Sometimes, selling your home does not go as planned. Why not rent it out for the time being? The ‘Leegstandwet’ (Vacancy Act) offers an excellent solution for renting out homes that are for sale. Experience has also shown us that homes with residents sell much better than empty homes. Real estate investors, housing associations and municipalities can also rent out a home in Groningen. Would you like to rent out vacant real estate professionally? We’ll find you a suitable tenant, so that the property continues to generate income.