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For private rental

The temporary rental of your own house must always be arranged properly. You do not want to be faced with unpleasant surprises. That is why we will take care of everything when you decide to temporarily let your own home.

When to rent out your own home

Temporary renting out your own house can be a solution when you are experiencing difficulty selling your house  or if you are moving abroad for a longer period of time.

If you rent out your own house temporarily, you will receive a monthly revenue whilst your house remains on sale or whilst you are abroad. In the meantime, we will provide all the necessary rental care. 

Legally secure

When you are temporarily letting your own house, every arrangement you make needs to be legally secure. We have all the necessary know-how to take care of this properly. You can be reassured that we will make sure everything is legally sound, so you can temporarily rent out your own house. You can contact us at all times for any questions regarding legal matters or renting out your own house.

Commercial renting

In addition to helping private individuals with the rental of their own homes, we also serve the commercial market. As a property investor, housing corporation or municipality you can hand over your property to us for temporary rental. Unoccupied properties can be professionally let by us, so you know they are well cared for. This is how we convert vacant property into revenue.

Do you want to rent out your own home? Give us a call

Do you intend to rent out your own house? Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.